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February 19, 2014

Where’s myEMAIL?

The gang here at PLAYSTUDIOS is often asked about our email program. So we thought we’d take a minute and offer up some answers to the questions we hear most often.


I don’t get emails anymore. Why not?


We know how busy you are. And we don’t want to over-stuff your email inbox. That’s why we only send you emails when we’ve got exciting things to celebrate in myVEGAS, like new games, new rewards, or holiday specials. So you may be getting our emails, just not very frequently. That said, if you feel like you might be missing out, try these simple troubleshooting steps.

  1. Check your Junk folder. (…and Spam folder, and Trash, and All Mail, and anywhere else email gets lost!) Sometimes emails from myVEGAS will get dropped in there by mistake. (If you’re a gmail user, also check the ‘Promotions’ tab.) If you want to make sure myVEGAS emails end up in the right place, add to your contact list.
  2. Play myVEGAS on Facebook. Right now, we only send emails to our Facebook players. You can find us at
  3. You might be on our “unsubscribed” list. We take compliance seriously. If you’ve ever unsubscribed to myVEGAS, or flagged a myVEGAS email as spam, we will stop sending to you unless you contact us. If you unsubscribed by mistake, contact us directly through our support site, and we’ll get you re-subscribed:
  4. Your domain / email service provider might be blocking us. Try contacting them directly and ask them if there’s anywhere else your emails might be going.

Where can I sign up for emails?


Just play myVEGAS on Facebook. It’s that easy!


My husband got an email but I didn’t. Why do you love him more than me?


We love you both – we promise! There could be many reasons why one member of a household gets an email and anther does not. One thing you can do is follow the troubleshooting steps outlined above. Also, we sometimes send emails only to players who have purchased items in our games. So if there has been any difference in your purchasing histories, that could explain it too.


Why do I get a different amount of chips in my email than my friend did?


This one’s a bit harder to answer. We’re always sending out different emails, to different groups of players, with different amounts, for different occasions – there is no steadfast rule. And while we value every one of our myVEGAS players, there are times when we want to pay special attention to players in certain situations. For example, if you haven’t visited myVEGAS in a while, we miss you, and start wondering if it was somethign we said, or if you’ve forgotten about us. So we’ll reach out with a special message.


We hope that sheds a little light on the email mystery. If you still have questions, feel free to visit our support site and user forums anytime HERE.

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