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April 21, 2016

NEW FEATURE — Fireball Fever On Facebook!


Buffalo & Co. is about to be LIT this weekend! Haven’t played it and always wanted to try? Well now you can set your slots game ablaze with Fireball Fever! No need for a minimum bet or purchase. All you need is to be over level 8!

This flaming feature adds extra excitement to every bet by adding a chance for huge wins on every spin. Just play the reels on Buffalo and Co. and wait to see if a fireball lands on a reel symbol. Once it does, the fireball’s multiplier will be applied to your bet and added to your chip pool as a giant bonus. The multiplier only applies to your initial bet, so you have to bet big to win big! The highest multiplier is 25x, so get to betting!

ARE YOU READY TO CATCH THE FEVER? Fire on over to Facebook to see what wins you can spark up now through April 24. Limited time only!

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