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December 15, 2016

Great Adventures Begin with a Single Spin

Adventure Quest

We all love to lose ourselves in our favorite mobile games. Some of us play for a few minutes on the way into work. Others play for a “little longer” to unwind after a stressful day. But regardless of when or where you do it, it’s always nice to slip into that familiar zone and tune out for bit – looking forward to the thrill of our next big jackpot.

Sometimes, however, we’re in the mood for something a little more engaging. That why challenges, journeys, and quests have always been a part of our PLAYSTUDIOS apps. In fact, they’ve been so popular that most of our competitors have already knocked them off and added similar features to their own games.

Well, now we’ve upped the ante again with our brand new Adventure Story Quests. These beautifully-themed, multilevel challenges offer an exciting way to earn extra bonus chips. A special pop-up will appear each time a Quest is active. When it does, play any of your favorite games to advance. Each milestone presents a different goal and the in-game Adventure Quest Badge tracks your progress in real time.

For those of us who love to level up or tell our friends about our latest in-game achievements, this new feature is sure to become one of our favorites.

You can find Adventure Story Quests in myVEGAS Slots on your mobile device and it’s coming soon to my KONAMI Slots.

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