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April 25, 2014

Fan Friday: An Enchanted Encounter

This week’s myVEGAS Spotlight is on Mary Streeter, who just returned from Las Vegas. The trip was a Christmas gift from her son and daughter. Little did she and her husband know, her trip would take a magically unexpected turn.

One of their stops was Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at The Mirage. As they made their way through the lush attraction, Mary’s husband turned to her and said, “There is someone ahead I want you to meet.” Mary asked who, but her husband refused to offer any more information. “Just come and see,” he replied. As they approached the mysterious stranger, he reached out to shake Mary’s hand.

“I instantly recognized his beautiful head of hair,” confessed Mary. It was none other than Siegfried himself. Mary’s heart skipped a beat.  “He was out on this beautiful day in the Secret Garden to see and spend time with his beloved cats,” she later found out. The crowd was polite and Siegfried posed for pictures with everyone.

“When it was my turn,” Mary continued, “he reached out and shook my hand. My first words were ‘I am sorry for your loss.’  He had lost one of his cats the week before.  He said ‘Thank you’ then inquired why I was using a scooter to get around. I told him I had been having balance, dizziness and falling problems recently and the doctors were still working on a remedy.”

“Siegfried told me about a special tree that grows in Africa that the animals rub against to feel better.” It turns out that one of those trees also grows in the Secret Garden. “Siegfried helped Mary from her scooter, almost carrying her to a tree across the path.  “He had me rub the ‘healing tree’ to help my condition,” said Mary.  “I not only rubbed it, but I gave it a big hug.  Siegfried was so encouraging and compassionate to me.  Then he helped me back to my scooter and posed for several more pictures of me with my husband.  Before parting, he reached into his coat pocket and presented me with a white stuffed tiger to remember the day.”

Mary and her husband proceeded to tour the Garden and were impressed by the coats of each cat.  They all looked beautiful, well cared for, and loved.

Mary’s husband said she “had the biggest smile on her face that he had seen in a long time.” Her grin went on all day and every time she thought about it.

“I will remember and cherish the time with Siegfried and my visit forever,” promised Mary. “Thank you Sigfried for the visit and my son and daughter for sending me on the trip.

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