About Us


We believe that a company’s culture is not defined by a brightly colored office, an armory of Nerf guns, or a well-stocked kitchen. We believe it is revealed in the number of times each day that we laugh out loud, learn something new, get inspired, look forward to a class reunion, take time for lunch, choose the music, test our limits, get what we need, ship something great, recognize our impact, and wake up excited. If that’s not your career story, then we’d love to have you join ours.


PLAYSTUDIOS is the banner flown by a tight-knit crew of entrepreneurs, artists, software developers, product managers, and producers. Although we come from different lands and disciplines, we share a passion for our work and believe in the opportunity we are pursuing. Some of us are worldly and well seasoned. Others are new to the game, brimming with fresh insights and potential. Whatever the case, we have each been hand-picked by the leadership team for our unique superpowers — not the least of which is an ability to do lots and lots of pushups.

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